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>>. >> bret: finally tonight, the staff here choosers kickers at the end of show and whenever they choose them they choose them carefully. when it has to do with government, they chose one that i like. here it goes. >> two... one. >> bret: nine golfers from campbell university simultaneous putt. another look at it. this is from the pga management school and they all get it to drop at once. that is a special. fair and balanced and unafraid. >> shep: this is the fox report. tonight from the coastguard, now we know what caused that fire on board the carnival ship triumph but the investigation is far
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from over. >> shep: plus the untimely death of mindy mccready. >> if i would do things so differently if i could go back and do things differently. >> she had plenty of regret and those issues were apparently too much to bear. from rehab to a custody fight to an alleged affair with an all-star pitcher. the life and early death of mindy mccready. >> a cover girl shot dead and star athlete. did he murder his girlfriend in a fit of jealousy or roid rage? possible new evidence in the valentine's day killings. >> plus, we saw an asteroid just miss earth and meteor slam into russia yet another over california and now a fireball over florida.
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>> it was very large, red, orange. >> shep: what in the world is happening in the sky? >> shep: first, the death of a country music star, mindy mccready. she apparently shot herself in the head at her home. she was 37. ♪ ♪ >> shep: guys do it all the time was number one hit back in 1996. she sold 2 million albums that year. but she struggled important years after with drugs and alcohol and family problems. investigators say mindy mccready died on the same porch where investigators found her boyfriend dead last month in an apparent suicide. it looks like she shot and kill the boyfriend's dog yesterday and then killed herself. a judge ordered her back into rehab after her father said she was drinking too much, abusing prescription drugs and not
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taking care of her two sons. the judge put the boys in foster care. the boyfriend said she threatened to kill herself after that. somebody made a big mistake letting her out of rehab. casey stegall is on it. it's my understanding she tried to kill herself before. >> reporter: 2005 was a bad year for her. one suicide attempt and two drug overdoses and then she tried to kill herself again in 2008. fast forward to 2010 and she once again od and then she went on to celebrity show to talk to dr. drew. here she is in 2006. >> it's just one more step so i can go back to being a singer and a mom and concentrating on things that are good for my life. >> reporter: the little boys are just six years old and ten
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months old. >> shep: there was word she may have been dating roger clemens? >> she claimed to have an affair with him. who could forget this, in 2008 a bombshell of headline in the "new york daily news". pair met at a karaoke bar when she was 15 and clemens was married. he has long denied the relationship but he did release this statement today. yes, this is sad news. i had heard over time she was trying to get peace and direction in her life. clemens given a handwritten statement at spring training down in florida. >> shep: other country music stars are paying tribute. carrie underwood, i grew up listening to her. so sad for her family. many prayers going out there. w judd judd writes, sleep in
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heavenly peace. very sad indeed. >> shep: reports of steroids, jealousy and a bloody cricket bat at the center of the oscar pistorius case. he is known as blade runner and he is accused of murdering his own girlfriend, a magazine cover girl reeva steenkamp. police say he shot her not just once but four times. he is due in court tomorrow for a bail hearing and prosecutors are expected to start describing the evidence they have on him. so far, no nothing for the people. reeva steenkamp's mother, just like that she is gone, in a blink of an eye and single breath, most beautiful person who ever lived is no longer here
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all we want is answers, answers to why this had to happen. why our beautiful daughter had to die like this. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is looking into it. there are indications at least that steroids may have played a part here. >> reporter: they found steroids in pistorius's house and they immediately ordered blood tests on the athlete. they want to find out what level if any, of steroids were in his body at the time. before being here, his attorney might try to use that as a defense saying he was suffering from so-called roid rage. if, indeed, there was any rage involved in this killing, then they are also looking at texts that reeva steenkamp allegedly got from a south african rugby star. she and him were apparently close friends and there is a suggestion that she may have
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gotten those texts late on the night she was killed and that could have prompted an argument that neighbors said they heard shortly before those shots were fired. >> they said they found a key piece of evidence, a bloody cricket bat? >> a cricket bat covered in blood. tests are now being carried out on that cricket bat to find out if that blood is, indeed, that of reeva steenkamp. we are told that she suffered a skull injury as well as those four bullet wounds. pistorius meantime, is being held as you know. his agent says he is getting a lot of support from across the world. >> i can tell you that we have had overwhelming support for him, a lot of fans on a global scale, really on a global scale from all over the world. >> have you passed that on to him?
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>> he knows it. >> did he have a reaction to that? >> i'm not going to talk about zbleirtd we'll get further indication of his emotional state when he appeals in court for a bail or bond hearing. >> shep: coastguard investigators say they have now figured out what caused the engine fire that left that cruise ship dead in the water. the fire knocked out power on the carnival cruise ship and left passengers without working bathrooms, air-conditioning. some went up to the deck to get fresh air. it took days to get the ship to port and now officials say a leak in an oil line caused the original engine fire. they say the crew did a very good job responding to it. a full investigation will likely take about six months. medical experts are keeping an eye on jesse jackson, jr.
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that is word from his father. his son is under strict medical supervision after he agreed last week to guilty to conspiracy. the younger jackson could face several years in prison for pocketing three-quarters of a million in campaign donations and spending it on a 43,000 rolex watch and fur and michael jackson's fedora. he and his wife are scheduled to appear at a court hearing on wednesday. reverend jackson says the stress of his legal problems is only adding to his struggle for a bipolar disorder. >> the venezuela president hugo chavez is reportedly back home following months of treatment for cancer. he announced his return on twitter and the media haven't shown any of him in public. so is this legit? plus more meteors light up the sky. where people saw the latest one and see what scientists have to say about all this activity.
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>>. >> shep: venezuelan president that famousgeorge w. bush the devil is reportedly headed back home today. that is updates on hugo chavez's twitter page. doctors had been reportedly treating him following cancer surgery. he will continue treatment at a local military hospital in venezuela. now president chavez hasn't been seen in public for months. government delayed his inauguration last month but on friday government officials published these pictures of him with his daughters. he is now breathing through a tube that makes speaking difficult. either way, his return could allow the government to rally support for his would be successor if in fact he has
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returned. steve harrigan, we can't confirm much of anything. they haven't released pictures of him? >> strange details but the logical explanation that he is such bad shape there were no cameras on his return. the return happened at 2:30 in the morning and that is why he was holed up in cuba for the past ten weeks. he is breathing through a tube but the bigger question, can he think, is he running the country? this is basic questions about the opposition but they did not get answers to. >> shep: it would appear he hasn't been good for the people in the first place? >> reporter: he has been good for the poor inside venezuela. he as increased spending on medication and education for the poor but he is no friend.
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u.s. it would be hard to find more anti-u.s. against all the politicians inside venezuela. u.s. officials may welcome his departure from the scene. another player, cuba depends on oil subsidies from hugo chavez. without him on the scene, the cuban economy could be in trouble. >> shep: the sky may not be falling but pieces of it have been raining down all over the planet the latest the meteor that shot through the skies over florida. >> i saw a red fireball with a green tail for seven or eight seconds and dissipate in the atmosphere. >> shep: another meteor blasted through the skies around san francisco. the asteroid that came close to the earth, had it hit a city it could have killed a millions of
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people and a meteor exploded over russia that unleashed a blasted more than 30 times stronger than hiroshima bomb. folks exploring a lake said they found fragments. meteor although police are warning would be buyers should watch for fraud. nasa experts say about hundred tons of space debris hit the earth every day but most of the objects are tiny specks. you can take everything you knew about the moon and forget it. scientists have made a stunning discovery. they analyzed monday rocks that the apollo astronauts retrieved and they said the moon had more water than scientists first realized. that could mean the moon was not created by a debris by a planetary collision. how did it form? they north sure.
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at the very least, it raises many questions. full study is in the journal nature geo science which you probably have their on the night stand. >> whiskey drink ers don't want anybody watering down their booze. the folks at maker's mark learned it the hard way. plus, a high stakes heist in manhattan. how robbers rode off with a fortune in the blink of an eye. "i'm only human" ] humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance.
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responsibility. what's your policy?
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>>. >> shep: your friends at maker's mark have reversed their decision to water down the whiskey. fans have been blasting the decision to reduce the alcohol content from 45% to 42%.
4:22 pm
here is what the chief operating officer was saying last week. >> to a very slight reduction in alcohol volume we're able to extend our supply, more closely meet the surging demand and most importantly that we've been very careful to ensure is that the taste profile is exactly the same as it's always been. >> shep: that went over just perfectly. customers went nuts and the company is changing its decision but that move comes with a catch. fox business network gerri willis, it could create shortages? >> yeah, it could. >> shep: that is serious. [ laughter ] >> i guess you are right. ceo told our fox affiliate it could create shortages, here is what he said. >> you harder back, it was very humbling, very clear feedback
4:23 pm
from our customers. what they told us was they would rather have the occasional shortage moving forward than in any way change maker's mark. >> so as you can see, thoughts maybe they can continue this process. you can't make bourbon like that. >> shep: theory of supply and demand, when the supply is lower the prices are higher. >> that is what you think. in fact analysts why hasn't this happened before. in fact the company said they have been in this kind situations as many as 20 times and they haven't raised prices in the past. they don't want to raise prices because they don't typically do that. >> shep: i am surprised they didn't get hacked like burger king. >> burgers are in demand. >> shep: cops here in new york are hunt for a pair of thieves
4:24 pm
that broke into a jewelry display at four seasons and ran off with more than $160,000 in jewelry. police say it happened early on saturday morning. one of the men smoke with the manhattan hotel staff while across the lobby the other guy took a sledgehammer and crack the case. meanwhile, they released pictures of the suspect. other high end hotels are adding guards in the wake of this heist. a convicted world trade center bomber is apparently a little lonely behind bars. she in prison for killing six people in the world center. ramzi is due the super max prison in colorado but
4:25 pm
los angeles times newspaper reports he is tried to get out of solitary. according to government records, ramzi wrote a note to the warden i request an end to the end solitary confinement and ask to be a unit with n an open environment where inmates are allowed outside their cells for no less than 14 hours a day. a federal judge is to rule on this interesting request very soon. >> united nations investigators say both sides are committing war crimes in serbia syria. they aexcuse fighters and rebels of violating all kinds of laws, including murder, rape and torture in the two-year conflicted that has now killed an estimated 70,000 men, women and children. they captured a key government checkpoint in aleppo. they reportedly captured an army base but control of that airport could mark a huge win for the
4:26 pm
opposition and could potentially spark a major shift in syria's civil war. >> we're getting a look at hagel's response to one of his toughest critics and it's apparently helping his chances to become the next defense secretary. white house says it's just a back-up plan but some republicans say, a new report is making them wonder whether president obama really wants to cut a deal on immigration reform. what is coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility.
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>>. >> shep: two out of control wildfires have combined in one. the flames have scorched some 8,000 acres in southern australia. officials say the area is extremely dry and keeping a close eye on the winds. cooler weather helped them contain another fire that it was threatening homes and they are now letting people back into their homes. >> i'm shepard smith. this is fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news and chuck hagel should get a vote. that is what two key republicans are now saying about president obama's nominee for defense secretary. last week g.o.p. senators delayed a veto on hagel saying they need more time to go over his record. the former senator faced tough questions at confirmation hearing about israel and other issues including iran. senate is off this week.
4:31 pm
now republican senators and lindsay graham say they will not block a vote. next week, even if they end up voting against him. mike is live from washington. what are republicans saying about the delay. >> they say chuck hagel is a controversial nominee and time allows them important time to take a closer look at them. they obtained a letter that send to graham and another senator drafting a speech accusing the state department was an adjunct of the israeli foreign minister's office. ha gefl says he disavow the statement attributed to me. here is one of the recipients of that letter. >> so i'm glad that we have got more time to look. i am glad he answered my question about the comment he allegedly made. i think we're doing our job to scrutinize i think one of the most unqualified, radical
4:32 pm
choices for secretary of defense in a very long time. >> reporter: senator graham is hoping time will lead to them thinking twice. >> shep: republicans have been mad at him but what is reaction? >> president obama reminded folks that he a wartime hero. >> i think senator mccain and others know we have to work together to get this thing done. when it comes to national defense and national security, that at least has to be above politics. i hate to see this being played politics. >> a new survey reveals 43% support his confirmation and 37% oppose him, 23% doesn't have an opinion. >> shep: thank you. half baked and dead on arrival. that is what senator marco rubio
4:33 pm
is saying a white house draft proposal that will never arrive and apparently ended up in u.s.a. today over the weekend. the florida republican is working on a bipartisan reform plan. president obama has called congress to send a bill the next few months but the white house says, he is working on a back-up plan just in case. ed henry is live at the white house. i don't know, a leak of a draft -- what now? >> reporter: basically republicans think maybe this was leaked out because the white house really wants to kill immigration reform. president has promised he really wouldn't put a plan on the table but he would let lawmakers try to deal with border security in working out the details of the path to citizenship for current illegal immigrants. senator john mccain is accusing the white house of trying to kill this. >> leaks don't happen in washington by accident. this raises the question that many of us continued to wonder
4:34 pm
about. does the president really want a result or does he want another cajole to beat up republicans? >> reporter: marco rubio is critical to the talks to try get a deal. he called the president's plan half baked because he doesn't think the eight year time frame in which it would take illegal immigrants to get on a path of citizenship, he doesn't think that is long enough. they are fighting on over the details on policy. >> shep: white house says republicans are overplaying this? >> president put these details not with the leak from u.s.a. today and white house says it didn't leak anything. nonetheless, he gave a speech last month where he laid out many of the details on immigration. whether it looked out this weekend or not, he has put that on the table. his new chief of staff was on three sunday talk shows saying the president's only putting this plan together as plan "b"
4:35 pm
hoping congress can get a deal. if they don't. then he'll push the plan. >> he says it's dead on ril. let's make sure it doesn't have to be proposed. let's make sure the group makes good progress on the efforts. that is exactly what we intend to do. >> reporter: and democrats tonight are saying that when it comes to the sequester and other issues, republicans hit the president for not having a plan and saying he is not showing presidential leadership. then he puts a plan on immigration and he is interfering in the process. >> shep: terror group claims responsibility for a series of bombings that killed dozens of people. that tops or news around the world in 80 seconds. >> iraq, militants blew up several car bombs in baghdad. debris hit nearby street vendors killing 37 people. it came in mostly she'ite areas
4:36 pm
of the capital. they issued a statement calling the bombings revenge for what it claims are criminal acts by the she'ite led government. >> indonesia, searchers are digging through the mud after days of rain caused landslides and buried homes in seven northern towns. crews report finding at least 14 bodies. the flood that triggered those landslides damaged more than a thousand homes. >> spain -- police confronted a crowd of striking air workers in madrid. no word of anybody hurt. flight attendants are protesting iberia's plan to lay off 4,000 workers. they will strike for 15 days. airline claims it will have to cancel 200 flights. >> venezuela -- they are laughing away their stress. they say the so-called laughter yoga is a good way to increase
4:37 pm
oxygen flow into the body -- and that is wrap on fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shep: a purple heart, the family of world war ii veteran now they are learning it's far from the only honor he received for heroism more than seven decades ago. very rough weather day in the south. janice dean have details what i thought was going to be weather map but it is over here. there is trouble brewing. i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses. because at®, you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free.
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>>. >> shep: a true hero of world war ii earned much more than a purple heart about but his daughter said she just learned that nearly 70 years after the war. she said her father died before
4:41 pm
she was even born and his purple heart for wounds he suffered had gone missing. that medal showed up four months ago at an apartment building in west hollywood. it was inside a box of personal items that got lost. researchers with a nonprofit organization purple heart reunited worked to get the medal back to his family and that is when they found out he was actually among the most decorated veterans of world war ii. trace gallagher is live in los angeles. what a surprise. how many medals did he learn? >> he earned eight including the silver star for bravery which assault military's third highest honor. the family did not misplace those medals. the medals that is still unknown were never sent to the family and the family even notified that he was a huge war hero. now, the daughter he never met
4:42 pm
is celebrating his bravery 68 years later. listen. >> to do this in his memory. love and joy, anyway, i have always known him as a wonderful person. >> now all those medals have been put together in one big frame so the family can keep an eye on him. >> shep: silver star, how did he get it? >> during the final days of world war ii, he was in italy with his unit on routine patrol when they came under fire by a german machine gun. lieutenant ordered his men to take cover. he went straight for the gunner and shot and wounded and eventually he took out that machine gun. he died from his wounds, but he
4:43 pm
likely saved 30 lives. purple hearts reunited says his story needed to be told. >> very emotional. there was a lot of teary eyes, people learning who he was for the first time. this is another reason i do this. everybody will know what a great man he was and how much he did for our country. >> purple hearts united, she nonprofit profit guy and he has returned 22 purple hearts all on his own. >> shep: trace, thanks. >> fox extreme weather alert. national weather service has issued a tornado warning for parts of arkansas, louisiana and texas. it may have touched down northeast of dallas. let's go to fox extreme weather center. >> this is the beginning of a very stormy pattern not only today but through the works week
4:44 pm
and into the weekend. central u.s. taking the brunt of this storm and we're dealing with tornado warnings in and around the arkansas area. some seeing a strong rotation. ahead of a cold front we have a severe thunderstorm watch we have the indications possibility of tornadoes on the ground. severe weather threat throughout the region and where we see the tornado warnings for parts of arkansas, texas down towards louisiana and oklahoma where the temperatures are warm ahead of this cold front. they are going to drop significantly throughout the evening, some 20-30 degrees. >> it looks likes a blizzard up north? >> we have a blizzard warnings for parts of the northern plains. this is the cold side of the storm. we're going to see several inches of snow. unfortunately blowing snow is going to cause some travel problems and look how cold it is. this is windchill. minus 12 at international falls,
4:45 pm
minus ten in bismarck and we have another storm behind this that is going to possibly bring the risk for more tornadoes and blizzard conditions across a bigger area of the country. we're going to be busy here in the fox news extreme weather center. >> shep: thanks. >> the winters might be getting nippy here in the united states but none of us live in siberia where two towns are fighting for coldest on the planet. this is an area where the horses never lie down all winter because they might freeze to death. even worse, winters last up to eight months. one town claims to be the coldest place where people actually have homes and they say they experience the all-time record low of nearly 90 degrees below zero. 90 below in 1933. another russian town hundreds of miles away also claims the titled but people in the first
4:46 pm
town argue that claim relies on inaccurate readings from 1885. they are proud of it somehow. >> the ex-cop who keeps losing his wise is trying to get a new trial. they convicted drew peterson of murdering his third wife. a neighbor found her dead in a dry bathtub. they ruled it drowning. former police sergeant is suspected in the disappearance of this woman, stacy peterson. current attorneys says the previous attorney botched the case and they plan to ask for a new trial. they will do so tomorrow. peterson's former lawyer denies doing anything wrong. drew peterson himself is scheduled to be in court tomorrow and if the judge knockss down the request for a new trial, sentencing could take place right then and there. >> a new york city news anchor accused of choking his tv
4:47 pm
reporter wife. he works for a cbs flagship station in new york city and his wife works for cbs money watch. they are reporting ashley's mother called police on sunday morning and when they arrived they found red marks on ashley morrison's neck. they also reportedly say morrison threatened his wife while they were there. cbs news reports they arrested him on charges of second degree strangulation. she didn't need any medical treatment but in a mugshot police released, you can see has what appears to be blood on his face. the statement reads they are confident that a full review of this matter shows the allegations have been greatly exaggerated. >> hackers have breached computer systems for some of the world's biggest banks add most powerful governments. now, they have targeted the king
4:48 pm
of burgers. that is ahead. and only woman ever to win an indy car race made more history. danica patrick on securing pole position for the daytona 500 coming up. first the owner of lakers jerry bus has died. his tenure 34 years and they won an amazing 10 titles. jerry bus knew it was about show even when the league office didn't agree with him. he gave celebrities court side seats. he gave us the world famous laker girls, first cheerleaders in the n.b.a. and they spoke to jerry west about his relationship with jerry bus. >> this is a man who was an inviteder. we used to talk all the time. we talked about sports. they also talked about
4:49 pm
entertainment. there was a team he wanted to see play a certain way, show time. he wanted a fun team. >> shep: his six children have all worked with the lakers. they released a statement on behalf of the family and reads in part, we not only have lost our cherished father but beloved man of the community and person respected by the world's basketball community. jerry bus had been hospitalized with cancer on and off for 18 months but his publicist says immediate cause of death was kidney failure. jerry bus was 80 years old. hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data
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plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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>> shep: history at daytona, danica patrick became the first woman ever to secure the pole position in any race in the big
4:53 pm
circuit. it's her biggest achievement and puts her in prime position to win the great american race. of course, non-racing fans known her from go daddy superbowl ads. she has been a big hit for sponsors but critics said she has never won a race but she is completely focused on taking daytona on sunday. phil keating it's about the granddaddy of races not just about getting pole position. >> starting on the pole when the green flag drops does not bode well to get the checkered flag. she has the fastest car so far, qualifying at 196 miles an hour. her car with a powerful engine. >> i was brought up to be the fastest driver, not the fastest
4:54 pm
girl. i feel like that was instilled from me from very young. >> reporter: she does add she does enjoy setting an example for little girls they can do anything that a man can. >> shep: what are the other drivers saying? >> the other 44 qualifiers are all men. everything has been accolades of positive. '89 winner writes in my book her schooling is over. she is a race car driver and a darned good one. this yesterday from jeff gordon. >> congratulations to her. this is great part to be part of history. >>er the fastest guy in town today. >> and gordon is actually sitting number two for next sunday's race. her new boyfriend and rookie stein house, jr., we can only assume he was very complimently
4:55 pm
ri. >> have you seen him? somebody attack a burger king twitter feed. here is something. the burger king logo replaced with the golden arches and there were several tweets with obscenities urging folks to try our bk bath salts. bath salts are not on the menu. company officials apologized and they say they don't know who is behind the hack job but the king is the butt of jokes. one user joking somebody needs to tell burger king that whopper one, two, three is not a secure password. who whoever is following burger king on twitter, you have your own problem. >> shep: this could go down as one of the greatest putts in history. nine golfers taking aim at the same time housmtd this ends next. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
4:56 pm
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4:59 pm
>>. >> shep: don't even try to compete with a chimp. that is what one researcher says about their short term memory. when numbers one through nine, all of them tested remembered the exact location of the digits. they say it's impossible for most ordinary humans to do it. short term memory helps them in wild wield where they have to make complicated decisions quickly. >> nine golfers lined up for a putt. well, look. >> two... one.... >> shep: that is impressive. students in professional golf management program, this was there 28th attempt.

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